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Nanobubble gases offer a new transition to effective, non-toxic, and economical processes for many processes and business solutions. 

The new science of nanobubble gas transfer and resulting physical/chemical benefits is transforming many markets and technologies!

NanoWorxs is ready to help you determine the best fit for our nanobubble generation equipment and how to best apply it for your application.

NanoWorxs' 80 years of engineering and science experience is our foundation. Our entrepreneurial spirit is our motivation and challenge to innovate.

Innovation - Driven Solutions

Identification and measurement of nanobubbles have been performed for almost a decade but we are just starting to understand and apply all the nuances to the science.  

The science we know is clear, nanobubbles have physical and chemical properties and use far beyond their initial benefit to aeration.

Nanobubble gas powered solutions

Nanobubbles are unique in the world of bubbles:

  • they have diameters in the nanometer range, typically 10-300 nm, about the size of bacteria. They are invisible to the naked eye. 

  • they have no buoyancy and do not rise to the water's surface, instead move randomly for weeks slowly giving up their internal gas.

  • oxygen nanobubbles carry a strong negative charge which acts to repel other bubbles, not coalescing to form larger bubbles.

  • their surface charge causes them to attach to positively charged particles, and separate substances like fats, oils, and grease.

  • when the bubbles discharge the last of their gas, they implode with intense energy creating hydroxyl radicals, a strong oxidation compound.

  • any gas inside the bubbles is not affected by Henry's law and can impart dissolved oxygen to 70+ ppm, and remain high in dissolved gases for many weeks.

Next Generation Technologies Today!

NanoWorxs is ready today to offer a wide variety of applications that can use many or all of the above-described properties of nanobubbles, if you would like to see the list and some of the benefits, go to our Technology page   

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