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NanoWorxs' nanobubble oxygen promotes increased microbial and plant growth!

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

It has been known for over 40 years that increased oxygen to plant roots in soil improves nutrient absorption, reduces effects of saline water or sodic soils, increases plant growth and yields but traditional aeration technology prevented its use. Aerated water was limited to very short application duration and limited travel time in an irrigation line with low oxygen transfer efficiency.

The new science of nanobubbles allows us to add high dissolved oxygen concentrations, reaching 30-50 ppm, and the oxygen transfer will continue to take place for weeks. The nanobubbles don’t coalesce and break like macro bubbles, they move within the water using Brownian motion, and upon giving up all their oxygen produce small amounts of reactive oxygen species including hydrogen peroxide. This feature provides a built-in cleaning process that removes biofilm.

The analysis process shown below that microBIOMETER analysis provided the data indicating that high DO in the irrigation water stimulated the microbial biomass to increase in number as well as the fungi indicating a healthy microbiome in the soil for plant growth.

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