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Innovative irrigation using oxygen nanobubbles

Having the ability to utilize irrigation water that would not normally be considered usable can be significant!

The unique properties of nanobubble oxygenated irrigation water can increase the crop root's ability to absorb nutrients while also excluding sodium and chloride. leading to enhanced plant tolerance to salts and can reduce the required irrigated water volume by 50%, maintaining yield!

The nanobubbles can reduce the surface tension in soil, enhancing the flushing of salts by increasing salt solubility.

Unique nanobubble properties of generating hydroxyl radicals can reduce/eliminate water and soil pathogens, disease, and contamination.

The increased oxygen supply to the soil microbes can increase microbial growth and result in increased mineralization of organic nutrients to plant-usable inorganic forms.

The same hydroxyl radicals can keep your tanks, lines, and irrigation system free from bio-films and chemical precipitates.

Let's use what water we have wisely but effectively! NanoWorxs is ready to provide a low-cost but effective irrigation oxygen supply.

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