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Quetrox Generators

  • Flowrates from 25 gpm to 1050 gpm.

  • Gas flow from 2.5 to 200 lpm.

  • Weight from 17 to 140 lbs.

  • Chassis construction - 304LSS.

  • Materials are compatible with most gases including ozone.

  • Pressure drop across injector - 5.5-8.5 psi.

NanoWorxs in conjunction with ChucaoTec can design and build any system with whatever project or installation restraints you may have.

NanoWorxs have been designed for maximum efficiency in producing nanobubbles while maintaining a desirable price point.

Our injectors use less pump power than most, the design allows for a low-pressure drop across the injector, also resulting in less gas pressure required to intercept the liquid.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has created a small injector footprint that allows for insertion into many existing process systems with minimal disruption.

If a complete packaged system is desired we can provide that as well, and always interested to work with our clients to find a unique or unusual system configuration.

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NanoWorxs Technology

Nanobubbles and their gas transfer properties have many applications, the following will give you some idea on how we can support your market: 

Agriculture - the decades-long need to improve soil and soil irrigation water with more oxygen content can now be economically and easily met, nanobubbles can provide all the oxygen that soils and plant roots need. Better growth, less water use, improved nutrient uptake, increased pathogen resistance and increased yield.

  • increased yield

  • better water use efficiency

  • able to use saline water

  • decrease in pathogens

  • biofilm removal 


Aquaculture - our experience and data have provided important operational and business improvements to the aquaculture markets. Oxygen nanobubble gas transfer has proven many benefits: 

  • reducing or eliminate surface biofilms, reducing the time and cost to clean tanks and piping,

  • increased metabolism rate, improved feed conversion rate, decreased pathogens, and removed and oxidized organic materials.   

Wastewater treatment - nanobubble oxygen and ozone has been proven to help pre-treatment of fats, oils, and grease, improve activated sludge process, and oxidize organics and metals as it moves through the process, reducing overall time and costs.

  • low cost​/energy efficient, >95% gas transfer

  • no hazardous chemicals to store/use

  • in-situ oxidation of organics and metals through process stream

Aeration - obviously, adding oxygen or other gases like ozone to water and wastewater is significant, much of the current cost to aerate liquids is the cost of the energy to power blowers, air compressors, and mixers.  Nanobubbles from NanoWorxs are generated by the pump moving the water.

  • 95% transfer efficiency to liquids​

  • lowest energy demand

  • no mechanical parts

  • no maintenance

Mining - new advances in a variety of mining processes using nanobubbles has alloed for more mineral extraction using fewer hazardous extractant chemicals. Removing hydrogen peroxide with nanaobubble oxygen has shown improved recoveries of many minerals.

  • heap leaching, CIP, CIL, and froth flotation are all able to enhance and improve recovery.

Water Purification Treatment_edited.jpg

Water & food disinfection - chlorine and other substances have always been an issue, the use of oxygen or ozone alone or in combination with new non-hazardous chemicals are beneficial.

  • no hazardous chemicals to handle/store​

  • self contained, able to generate oxygen/ozone on-site

  • longevity of nanobubbles provides built-in disinfection backup

  • proven bacteria/virus elimination

Additional industries/markets - we are always ready to innovate and design/develop new products to solve old and new problems, we are currently working with the following processes:

  • biogas enhancement

  • environmental remediation

  • produced water treatment

  • turfgrass

  • algae reduction/removal

  • algae to biofuel production

Please contact us if you have an application not listed.

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